Accommodation Overview in Namibia

  • Central Namibia
  • Northern Namibia
  • Southern Namibia

We assist you with accommodation for traveler groups, couple or individual, big groups, large groups and groups needing mass accommodation anywhere in Namibia. Accommodation ranges from Hotel, lodges, guesthouse, camping or Overnight Accommodation to Self Catering.


In order to improve the comfort of the visit to our country, we offer booking of accommodation and placement in hotels, Lodges, hostels guesthouse. Our managers will find suitable accommodation that meets your needs for our guest coming for tourism or business, family holiday. We assist out traveler coming for tours and safaris to book by informing  us in advance based on budget per person with an estimated number of people, dates, and your wishes for the type and cost of apartments.


A hotel provides accommodation to the travelling public, has a reception area, and offers at least a ‘breakfast room’ or communal eating area. In general a hotel makes food and beverage services available to guests; these may be outsourced or provided by the hotel.


A lodge is an accommodation facility located in natural countryside surroundings. The rates charged are usually inclusive of all meals. The experience offered at a lodge may also include activities such as game drives, etc.

Self Catering

A house, cottage, chalet, bungalow, flat, studio, apartment, villa, tent or any accommodation where facilities and equipment are provided for guests to cater for themselves. The facilities should be adequate to cater for the maximum advertised number of residents the facility can accommodate.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is provided in by private and the owner/manager lives in the house or on the property. Breakfast must be served. Bathroom facilities may or may not be en-suite and/or shared. In general, the guest shares.


A country house is a large guesthouse, usually situated in natural, peaceful surroundings such as near a nature reserve, in the city, etc. It offers all the services of a hotel, including dinner.


Camping Park is a facility open sky provides ablution and toilet facilities and space for guests to provide for their own tent.




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