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We have been delivering consistent quality to our customers for over 3 years now, and have just made bookings that much easier by allowing you to book online on our user-friendly web form, we offer shuttle service to small and large groups. We provide daily airport transfers from the International Airports. We also offer country wide safaris and Tours.

Safari Guided

If you're looking for your next travel destination but aren't quite sure where to go yet, consider a trip to Namibia. A vast and highly diverse continent full of fascinating cultures, dramatic scenery and extraordinary animals, Namibia offers some of the most amazing travel experiences in the world.

City Guided

Namibia is a dream destination in every sense - home to unforgettable wild animals and extraordinary scenic beauty. We travel the length and breadth of every destination we recommend to make sure that our advice is based on firsthand experience and that every supplier in your itinerary is tried and tested.

The Namibian Cultures

Populations of 2.5million, Namibia’s different cultures span an impressively diverse population for what is a sparsely populated country. From the Bantu-speaking Ovambo and Herero tribes to the Damara minorities and nomadic San Bushmen, Namibia boasts cultural and historical flavour in spades.

Tours with Gamalia

Namibia has a safari for every traveler. What will your travel story be? Namibian safari packages and tours range from bucket list adventures to tours that range from affordable to luxurious. If you want your own private safari we will be happy to provide you with your personal choice of African experience. Please provide us with the itinerary of your choice when making your booking.


With year round sun and a dramatic combination of both the desert and beach, Namibia is the perfect setting to be swept away by high-adrenaline activities. Rocket across the desert in a speedboat or roar along the circuit in a race car, paddleboard along the coast or swim with dolphins and sharks. On these pages you will find numerous outdoor activities and adventure safaris some of them require a good deal of physical exertion while others are more relaxing.

Namibia is a great place to commence your first visit to Africa

Africa has long been a continent attracting the adventurous traveler, for its vast open spaces & unspoiled wilderness. Namibia is full of surprises with its ever changing landscapes, seasonal transformations and diverse cultures. We have traveled this fascinating place all over and pride ourselves to call it our home. Whatever the occasion or reason you have decided to take passage to Africa, we can fashion a masterpiece just for you.




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