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Tours & Safaris in Namibia

Gamalia Tours and Safaris is a Namibian company designed to highlight the country with the wild beauty based on a vast open spaces with the desert landscapes and focuses on the best features each region has to offer. The capital of Namibia the city of Windhoek, from Johannesburg in South Africa to Windhoek.

Situated on the west coast of Southern Africa, Namibia is a nation of contrasts offering striking desert landscapes, towering sand dunes, rugged mountains and 1570 kilometres (975 miles) of magnificent Atlantic coastline. Although a predominantly dry & sunny climate, it is a good idea to learn when the best time to visit Namibia really is.


Take an enthralling journey up the Skeleton Coast, passing ancient shipwrecks and deserted mining towns submerged in sand and fog. More than 1000 ships have been wrecked on this unforgiving shore, where they stand abandoned and isolated, their wood and steel hulls being gradually eroded by nature. Elephant and giraffe skeletons further reveal the inhospitably of this coast, yet coming across a hartebeest herd or a hungry leopard isn’t uncommon. At Cape Cross, the life is intensified by the world’s largest breeding colony of Cape fur seals: up to 250,000 of them swamping the sand with their comical antics and cacophonous calls.
Everybody knows that the Grand Canyon is the largest in the world. But does anybody know the second largest? Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia is over 100 miles long, 20 miles wide, and in places almost 550 meters deep. And you’ll have it all to yourself. Like its American rival, it’s a geological feature that defies superlatives, the scale and intensity of the experience often difficult to comprehend. There’s something spooky about standing above it, gazing down into the abyss and silently grappling with its sheer scale.
Ancient San artists have turned a little corner of Damaraland into the world’s most famous outdoor art gallery, with some 2,500 engravings of animals, people and mythical creatures immortalized on giant slabs of oxidized sandstone. The ancient carvings, dating back between 2,000 and 6,000 years, have made Twyfelfontein the most important site of Stone Age rock art in Africa and in 2007, they were declared Namibia’s first World Heritage Site.


Before you go

Visa and Passport Requirements Citizens of the US, Canada and EU countries can enter Namibia visa free for up to 90 days. Your passport will be stamped upon arrival. When flying into the country visitors should have an onward or return ticket, although this is rarely enforced by customs. It’s worth having your travel itinerary and confirmations printed out just in case.


Wheather and When to go

Although Namibia’s attractions are centered around the desert and its arid national parks, the country’s climate is certainly not uncomfortably harsh. In reality, this is a year-round destination and, while it’s definitely warm, it’s rarely suffocatingly hot.
The weather follows two distinct seasons, with crystal blue skies marking almost every day of the dry season from May to October. Maximum daily temperatures hover around 70 degrees between May and August, and warm clothing is essential at night. Wildlife viewing is at its best as animals congregate around the diminishing water and there is almost no vegetation to hide behind. While this is officially the high season, this is Namibia – so don’t expect to see too many other tourists


Where to stay

Namibia is an adventure through a desolate world. Receiving a liberal coating of dust and sand is part of the experience, as is driving along lonely roads and wondering if you’ll ever see another vehicle. Providing the perfect antidote is the country’s wonderfully appointed accommodation. After a day exploring there’s nothing better than a hot shower in the desert and lounging on a private veranda as the sun flickers across the horizon. Or lying on a four-poster bed and watching a magical collection of hooves approach a nearby waterhole.


The highlights of Namibia

experience the highlights of Namibia’s incredible landscapes, culture and wildlife on this tailor-made journey of exploration and adventure. Seek out lions and elephants and track rhinos on foot in the big game reserves of Ongava and Etosha before heading to Damaraland in search of unique desert-adapted elephant herds. Spend two days exploring the quirky Germanic seaside town of Swakopmund, then head south into the dunes of Sossusvlei, where a desert landscape of stark and utterly beautiful harshness will captivate your soul.






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